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OpenMediaVault 无法登录 Samba 共享

无法认证登录 samba 共享有以下两种可能:


Samba 并不使用 Debian 文件系统下的密码数据库,而是使用内部的数据库管理用户认证信息。OpenMediaVault 的 GUI 界面创建用户时,系统会自动完成两个数据库信息的同步。但在 Shell 下用命令行创建的用户信息是不会实现同步处理的。

这种情况可以在 GUI 下重新修改一下用户的密码就可以完成用户信息同步。


The login access in Samba is configured using privileges. This means they will not act in the file system layer, they will run in the Samba authentication layer. From there the access can be controlled to be read only or read/write access and guest account access. This is done with the PRIVILEGES button in the shared folder section, not the ACL. Privileges only gets login access and from there determines if user can read or write. If write access is enabled but files/folders have restricted permissions then write access is not possible using Samba.